The Great Quest of Emakimono

Rendering the depth of Japanese life to a simple flat picture plane

Tales of Genji, image source:
Genji monogatari: Miotsukushi, centre detail of left screen of a pair of sixfold screens by Sōtatsu, colour on gold-leafed paper; in the Seikado Bunko Art Museum, Tokyo.
Scene from The Illustrated Sutra of Past and Present Karma; Matsunaga Version), late 13th century, ink and colour on paper, source:
Excerpt of Hell Scroll, colour on paper, Heian period, 12th century, Nara National Museum, image source:
Three excerpts from The Legend of Gisho, Kyoto Museum, image source:
Excerpt from Shigisan Engii, Shigisan-engi, Legend of Mount Shigi, source: unknown.
Illustrated Legends of the Kitano Tenjin Shrine (Kitano Tenjin engi emaki)late 13th century, image source:
Section of the Choju-Jinbutsu-Giga emaki (Kou kan), Heian period, Kosan-ji Temple, Suntory Museum,

Essays and memoirs about little wonders

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